Using Zoom in WorqApp

Connecting to Zoom

  1. You can go to Settings of WorqApp and click on the option of “Zoom Connect”
  2. This will open Zoom login page in the browser of your device
  3. Please enter your Zoom email and password and accept the prompt of connecting zoom with WorqApp
  4. This will enable WorqApp to connect with your Zoom account for adding and managing your Zoom meetings via WorqApp

Add Zoom Meetings in WorqApp

  1. If you have your Zoom account connected to your WorqApp account, you can click “Schedule Meeting” in any WorqRoom
  2. This will open Schedule Meeting screen where meeting tile is mandatory,. You can choose video option: Zoom for this meeting
  3. Once you schedule the meeting after setting a meeting date and time, the meeting will be added in WorqApp as well as in your Zoom account.
  4. You can tap on the meeting and it will the details of the meeting

Run Zoom Meetings in WorqApp

  1. Any meeting that has Zoom link in it can be started or joined within WorqApp
  2. You can tap on the meeting, go to its details in WorqRoom and click “Start / Join Meeting” button
  3. This will either Start the Zoom meeting inside WorqApp or will let you join that Zoom call inside WorqApp

Disconnecting to Zoom

  1. If you have Zoom connected in WorqApp and you intend to disconnect it, You can go to WorqApp settings and click Disconnect just beside Zoom
  2. This will prompt you for disconnecting Zoom you won’t be able to add Zoom meetings via WorqApp, you can click “Disconnect” on the prompt to disconnect it

Note: WorqApp schedules meeting on Zoom with waiting room allowed for participants, so before an owner starts Zoom call, participants can wait in the room. You can turn off this from “Turn off waiting room in your Zoom account settings”

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